Today is living proof that you can most definitely have too much of even the very best thing. It’s snowing yet again and my school is shut despite me having got into uniform and made my sandwich.

What is the point of the Chilcot Enquiry? Why give yet another opportunity for Alastair Campbell to demonstrate the infinitely tensile strength of his brass neck? If the man has stuck to his imaginative version of events for half a decade why would he quail now in the dim spotlight of a group of bureuacrats whose forensic talents have so far been unexercised beyond wondering how many paper clips to order. Far from me to criticize these worthy gents but it is extraordinary to set up a contest between a real pro and a bunch of amateurs and expect any other conclusion other than that which has been arrived at before, ie the truth is a well guarded secret which will remain so forever.

Thankfully we are not yet in the Orwellian land of Doublethink, which enables millions of ordinary citizens to continue to disbelieve the risible justifications, lies and toadying which took us to war without feeling we must be insane – only immensely frustrated and insulted.

To most important issues. Today is the 22nd birthday of Katherine Claire Bell. Sail on silver girl….

Mrs. Bell

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